Build A Snowman Indoors – Children’s Creative Activities

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It’s been a little bit too cold to play outside.  My kids see the snow outside and they want to build a snowman. And so we made snowmen today.

Lunch Time Snowman


With a cup I cut out circles for the snowballs and then I spread cream cheese to make it nice and white.  For snow I dropped spoonful’s of whipping cream on the tray.  I had the kids go through our snack items to find things that they would like to put on their snowman.  Almonds, peaches, jelly beans, crackers, popcorn, carrots…..    Kaylee fingered painted her whipping cream all over tray and decorated it with peaches   She sure does think outside of the box!

Snowman Art Collage


Rocks, Jewels, Pasta, paper, cotton, Styrofoam, sequence, foam shapes,….

DSC05990This is Justin’s Policeman/Snowman!!!

DSC06000 There is a snowman somewhere in this.  I love this piece of art.  Kaylee really wants to create her own things with no…

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