Teaching Kindergarten…Why I Got Rid of Rules

My Story, My Song

Growing up, I was a rule follower to the core. I still have tendencies to follow the “rules”. In fact, just typing in the title of my post today made me cringe a little!

Rules are important to maintain order in society; I get that. But in my experience as a kindergarten teacher, I’ve seen the gaps in my rules and consequences procedures.

Think back to your school experiences. Weren’t there rules posted on the wall in most of your classrooms? Maybe something like this…

Class Rules

1. I will raise my hand before speaking.

2. I will take care of school property.

3. I will not talk when the teacher is talking.

4. I will not run in the hall.

5. I will not run in the classroom.

6. (The alpha rule of all rules…say it with me) I will keep hands, feet, an all objects to myself at all times.

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