My Belief in Rules in the Classroom

Kortney (Кортні) Kosheluk

Recently in my Education class we have been talking about classroom management.  We were asked to read a blog post entitled The Great “Respect” Deception.  It speaks of how teachers, classrooms, or schools have one rule.  At the end of the article it states that “Let’s stop deceiving students and ourselves into thinking we have only one rule when we have many.”  I completely agree with this statement.  If you have one rule then that rule is too broad and students can’t possibly comprehend it.  I am the type of person that likes when everything is as clear as it can possibly be.  So when I teach students and think of how I am going to run my classroom one thing that I know I will 100% adhere to is making my rules in my class abundantly clear.  This way there are no surprises for students.  Also, I want…

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