“L1 and L2 acquisition are fundamentally different.”


A statement that made me ponder.

I agree with it. Saville-Troike (2006) mentioned that much of a person’s L1 acquisition is completed before one goes to school, and development normally takes place without any conscious effort. The child’s innate ability takes a big part in a child’s language acquisition whatever language that may be. Other than that, experience or interaction should also be provided for the child to acquire a certain language. With these mentioned, I must say that L1 acquisition naturally happens without too much effort given by the learner.

On the other hand, as what I understand from the materials, L2 is acquired through a deeper, more complicated instruction. From Saville-Troike’s book (page 17), L2 development needs feedback, aptitude, motivation, and instruction. It means that a learner should put more effort to acquire another language. It does not happen that easily. It is studied and practiced to be better…

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