Do a TEFL course or not bother?

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

I’ve seen this argument come up a few times in various places over the last few weeks, mostly in the Facebook teaching groups I joined when I was promoting the pre-conference survey Russ and I did. And then, there it was again on ELTjam.


A lot of ELT people feel really strongly that anyone doing an online teaching course with no practical component is insulting the industry and every professional in it. Not to mention doing the students a huge disservice.

I have the Trinity TESOL and an MA in ELT – self funded. Whenever anyone asks me what course I recommend they do, I always ask them where they want to go and teach. And, maybe, how long they plan to stay in teaching. (My personal advice being make sure you have a get-out after two years because you can only grow old, poor and pensionless in ELT).

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2 responses to “Do a TEFL course or not bother?

  1. Comment in post that sticks out the most to me is this –
    Experience teaches you the rest. There are no courses that can give you more than a taster of that. Thinking on your feet, responding to different personalities in the classroom, dealing with teenage apathy and Young Learners running rings round you. You get none of that on any course, face-to-face or otherwise.

    I went to school to be a teacher and I learned what a teacher is in the classroom. Now as a home- school I read curriculum and know what to say- but my kids show me what we need to do.
    There is something to say about experience. Teachers need it and KIDS NEED IT

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