3 Ways to Build Routines in Your Classroom

The Adaptive Teacher

Working with a special education population, it is especially important to structure your classroom in a way that is expected and predictable.  Creating such an environment fosters independence and personal growth for students.  If you take the time at the beginning of your school year to build in predictable routines, your students will grow in independence throughout the year!

1.)  Posted Schedules
I think it’s hugely important to post your daily schedule in the room somewhere, visible to all students.  This will answer so many student questions throughout the day, with a simple nonverbal point towards the schedule! (i.e., “What time is it?” “What are we doing next?” When do we go to PE?”).  Posting the schedule will help students with elapsed time and time management skills, and make your life a bit easier.

There are plenty of ways to do this—use a pocket chart, write it on the whiteboard…

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