Get Parents Ready for the New Curriculum

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Currency conversion is one type of real-world maths example that parents use with their children. So when a survey asked 1000 parents about the problem above, it was a surprise to learn that more than half of the parents interviewed couldn’t answer the question.

£1 exchanges for $1.60. Ashley returns from holiday with $20 having spent $60. How many pounds did Ashley start with?

The poll was commissioned to see if parents in the UK were prepared for the country’s new maths curriculum, which was launched in September. As half of those surveyed didn’t know that there was a new maths curriculum at all, it’s fair to say that they weren’t particularly prepared. In light of the new maths curriculum which is going to be compulsory next year in Australia, this may be something we should worry about too!

Curriculum aside, the study illuminated some of the struggles that parents faced. Almost half…

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