They don’t understand you and they don’t like English

I definitely know the feeling! 😦

Korea Squirrel

Disclaimer: This is really long and more of a rant than a complete article. And I am not terribly knowledgeable about educational politics or things like that.

Although it seems like I’ve only been here for a short time, I am currently in the middle of final speaking tests for my first and second graders. I also recently had a speaking test for the third graders at my school. The experience has brought up a lot of interesting realizations about learning English in Korea, or at least in my school.

Let’s start with the test format. Students are asked 3 questions (chosen at random from 9 questions), then ask me one free question. The three first questions come from dialog in their textbook, and before the test we give them a question and answer sheet with the exact questions on the test. This brings up a problem in the structure itself.

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