Kids are like parrots!

Kids are like parrots; they learn from their teacher and copy what they hear and see. So be careful about what you say and do in the classroom. I experience this everyday when my students (fourth graders) imitate me. It’s nothing more than mimicking a few phrases (such as “Don’t do that!” and “That’s gross!”), but if you tend to shout a lot or even get physical, students may also start to do the same.

Here’s a lame poem I wrote to remind myself to be mindful:

So a word to the wise

In front of little eyes,

Watch what you say and do

Little ones learn from you.

They go to school and think you’re cool,

Don’t act like a fool or be a tool.

Teach them kindness and respect,

Just show them love.

Say it’s okay to make mistakes

It’s a great way to learn!

And teach them to say “Please”, and “Thanks”!

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