May the Force Be With You!


This week I began teaching my students about forces, friction, and motion in science class. This such a fun unit to teach because there are lots of exciting and hands-on ways to teach these concepts.

A force is a push or pull. An easy way to show this concept is have students push an eraser across the room, or find a rope and engage in a tug-of-war. Also, if you have access to a loading cart of some type,  have one student sit on it to demonstrate the amount of force it takes to move one person, and explain how more force is needed to move heavier objects (have two or three students get on, if possible).

To demonstrate friction, there is a great Magic School Bus episode about it! (it starts at the 7:20 min. mark)

These videos are some excellent ways to help students understand. Hands-on methods are always best, though.

What are some ways you teach your students about forces, friction, and motion?




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