Can You Label All Fifty US States and Capitals?

blank-map-of-the-united-statesLast week we started our US geography unit in social studies. This unit breaks up the US into the major geographical regions: Northwest, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Mountain West, and Pacific Coast (including Alaska and Hawaii). We have already covered the Northeast and Southeast, and now we have moved on to the Midwest. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get into major details of each state, but I am making sure my students can at least label the regions with the state names and capital cities. Our social studies text, Heritage Studies 4, published by Bob Jones University Press, has little sections on each state which mention important sites or people from that state.

I would love to spend more time in detail about each region but the semester does not allow for such luxuries (you teachers know what I’m talking about). Perhaps next semester, I can assign each student to do a project – discussing a state (of their choice) in detail. They would have to research facts about that state and design a poster with a picture of the state and major cities, capital city and other things such as people or the state bird or tree. What would you do, or have you done with US geography in your class?

So back to the title, can you name all fifty states and capitals?


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6 responses to “Can You Label All Fifty US States and Capitals?

  1. Why are they learning that in Korea? We didn’t even study US geography in Canada (which is slightly silly)!

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    • I teach at an international English school. Everything at my school is US- based and the curriculum we use is published by Bob Jones University.


      • Wow!! Too bad for your students, that’s not very relevant!! Imagine studying Korean geography in US elementary school!!

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      • Yeah, but the students who attend the school i teach at, may hope to enter into a US university. Also geography is practically nonexistant in Korean public schools. I want my students to be able to read and lable maps. I’ve had many students in the past who had no clue about were countries, states/provinces, or cities were!!


      • Yes, I understand that.I know that many people in Viet Nam were really baffled and fascinated by maps. I love maps and I have them covering one wall of my classroom. At least one person refers to them ever single day!!

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      • Yeah, haha. Everything my coteachers and I teach is based off American standards, and all in English, too. While most of our students are Korean, we have a few non-Koreans enrolled as well.


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