Using Twitter in the Classroom

I wish I could integrate a greater use of tech in my classroom. 😦

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Hello teachers!

Today we’re going to discuss how social media, Twitter in particular, can help you connect with students, parents, and colleagues, as well as, provide instruction.

Many of us have, at one point of another, opened a social media account. Whether it was way back in the MySpace days or recently via Facebook or Twitter, social media can be difficult to avoid. While some teachers prefer to keep social media separate from the classroom, it can be a very powerful and beneficial way to connect with others on an academic level.

For example, in addition to the many professional athletes and celebrities that can be followed on Twitter, there are also many journalists, scientists, historians, and political analysts who pride themselves on posting only the most up-to-date and trustworthy information. Considering this fact, Twitter can be used as a medium to have valuable information delivered directly to you and your…

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