Can an ESL Student ever become a NATIVE SPEAKER?

This is a good question to ponder.

The FUTURE of Learning

esl to native

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One answer:  Absolutely!

I say this because I know many people who were born in non-English speaking countries, lived in their non native English country for a long time, and are now speaking English like a native.

So the question is how did they do it?

3 ways:

  1. They all had to learn it through school or courses and went from the lowest level to as high as they could go.

They knew that there was no easy path, and mastering English is no different to mastering anything, you have to learn from the best and know it all takes time.

  1. They all had a clear personal goal for learning the language .

For each person it varies, but here are the most common:

  • To become an ESL teacher themselves
  • To be able to travel easily and see the world
  • To meet a future partner from the…

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