Learn English Through Music

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Maybe people think that fun and studying can’t go together. But one of the best ways to learn something as well as you possibly can is to make it fun for yourself. What better way to make English fun than to learn it through music?

song-teaching1It is often said that many people can increase their mental abilities by listening to classical music (this is known as the Mozart effect). So the same can be true with learning another language. There is lots of scientific evidence to back up the link between music and improved English skills. Listening to music will improve your pronunciation and understanding because you’ll be able to listen to the words, and hear the context of the word. Very much like learning English through movies, you’ll be able to understand everyday slang terms or phrases – something you won’t learn about in the textbooks. And because…

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  1. Tom

    Recently I used http://www.bellsenglishonline.com,it‘;s an online platform to study English.It helped me a lot to improve my speech and vocabulary.I recommend it to every one,beginners and more advanced students.


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