LEARNING TO WRITE – Is it the same in ESL?

The FUTURE of Learning

learning to write

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If you read my other post a while ago about LEARNING TO READ is it the same in ESL?, then you will have a head start.

So I’m going to quickly go over the main points of the other post first. We learn to read using these four areas:

  1. Joining the sound to the shape
  2. Creating fluency with the connection between the sound and the shape
  3. Creating meaning from the sound and the shape
  4. Connecting that meaning to a previous meaningful experience

Okay, so that is reading, is writing any different? I’ll give you a minute to think.

…….Hum – de-dum-de-dum….okay finished? So what did you come up with?

Is it anything like this:

Learning to write in ESL requires all four of the points above + the addition of

  1. Formation: being able to physically hold a pencil and form the required letter
  2. Association: being…

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