Early Childhood Media Use?!?

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mediaMedia’s Effect on Children


I can’t believe all of the media cases and accessories that now exist so that parents can plug their children into the tube!  And it’s frightening to see that they’re being marketed to infants, too.

I’m a parent.  I understand that being with young children can be challenging, especially as a stay-at-home parent spending long hours with young children while also trying to clean, grocery shop, finish the laundry, work from home, etc….  Young children are incredibly demanding, but putting them in front of a screen is not the way to cope with this.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two should have no exposure to media.  Once children turn two, the recommendation is that screen time should be less than one to two hours a day. 

imgres-1Fisher Price iPhone Case

There has been study after study showing that television…

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