How do you keep students motivated on a cold winter day?

Keeping students motivated anytime during the year is a real challenge.

peter spiegel

I love technology.It allows me to catch up with things I just didn’t have time for in the moment. For example, I’ll be playing a benefit concert this Saturday afternoon/evening and won’t be able to watch the Patriots playoff game. Not to worry! I’ll be able to record it and watch it on Sunday with no commercials! Brilliant!

Since becoming part of the #edchat/#mschat community I’ve been trying to make space in schedule each Tuesday and Thursday night so I can be present in each of the chats. usually it’s not an issue but as anyone with children knows, that is not always the case. Last night I simply was unable to participate in the first #mschat of 2015. It saddens me.

Thanks to the moderator @blocht574 though, I’m able to go back through the archive and relive the chat as if I was there! Thankfully I can also employ…

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