A weekend of intense arguments

Here’s an interesting take on “12 Angry Men” from an English theater group in Busan, South Korea.

Octavrian Press

This past weekend I had the privilege of viewing the Busan English Theater Association’s production of 12 Angry Jurors (originally 12 Angry Men).  The play was performed this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday and was a fantastic experience!

The original script of 12 Angry Men was written by Reginald Rose as a television play in 1954.  It’s since been adapted for film and stage many times with many different casting options.  The play features strong themes of social inequality, prejudice, and justice.

The Busan English Theater Association (BETA) produced Rose’s play as “12 Angry Jurors” incorporating a number of female cast members into the play.  The play was both dramatic and funny at times.  It managed this despite being a play centered around twelve citizens deciding whether a man on trial should be sentenced to death for murder.  The cast contained members of diverse international origins. Most of the actors were…

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