School Freaks Out Its Parents for No Logical Reason

This is bizarre.

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w.f. burns

What on earth was the Principal thinking? Firstly, this dumb idea encourages children to fight gunmen with baked beans cans instead of running for cover, and secondly, it encourages parents to panic about a scenario that is both remote and strictly hypothetical.

A US high school has asked parents to arm their children with cans of food as part of its response plan against gun-armed intruders.

School officials from W.F. Burns Middle School in Valley, Alabama, wrote a letter to students’ parents, asking them to buy their children “an 8 oz canned food item (corn, beans, peas etc.) to use in case an intruder enters the classroom”.

“We hope the canned food items will never be used or needed, but it is best to be prepared.”

The strategy was inspired by the ALICE Training Institute, a company founded by a former police officer and a former primary school principal.

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2 responses to “School Freaks Out Its Parents for No Logical Reason

  1. Maybe the childeen can throw their cans one at a time into the air. The gunnan will enjoy the sport of skeet shooting and forget why he really came inti the school with a gun!

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