The needs of students and relationship building

Building relationships with students is just as important as teaching them course content. In fact, students may learn more from you before or after school than in class. Showing an interesting in your students’ lives can really help boost their self-esteem, and learn how to build trusting friendships with others.

Taylor Hardy


Does the classroom environment and atmosphere affect the relationships created in the room? This is a question I was left with after being on Pintrest looking up classroom management strategies. My immediate response was no… a classroom that’s plain and standard would not harbour better relationships that one that’s colourful and “funky” (that word just seemed to fit as old school as it is). Do schools with more funding foster better teacher-student relationships?

After reading “Addressing our Needs: Maslow comes to life for Educators and Students” I started to realize how many things actually do affect the relationships that are created in the classroom. In this blog, Dr. Lori Desautels discusses how Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of needs has an impact on the classroom atmosphere and quality of relationships formed. For students to not only build relationships, but also learn, their varying needs must be met first. These needs are put…

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