Whatever happened to that girl who didn’t do a TEFL?

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

I often see questions in ELT forums and Facebook groups with people asking if they should fork out for a full TEFL or an online version and whether they really need them to get a job teaching abroad. Answers range from “depends where you’re going” to an absolute and unbending “YES!” with offence taken at the idea anyone might try and teach with no 4 week qualification.

A recent kerfuffle on ELTjam shows the level of outrage that’s possible. I had my own take on it here where most of the commenters agreed with me — that the course isn’t necessarily needed.

Funnily enough, no-one minds that authority figures in in ELT might have been not only have been teaching with no TEFL qualification, but writing books that are used on those same TEFL courses. Maybe you get immunity after a certain number of years or books? Or there’s some other reason…

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