Gross Motor Activities

Physical Education Lesson Plans

     Gross Motor Movement is the movement of the body. Lifting your arms, walking, running, swimming, biking and dancing are all examples of gross motor movements.

In the Penguin Dance Chant children follow a growing pattern. Children must listen and follow the directions to perform the dance. We mirror the movements in the video so that children can follow along more easily.

To perform the dance you need to follow the simple steps described below.

  • Penguins Attention: Children point their nose to the sky
  • Left Flipper: Children raise their left arm
  • Right Flipper: Children raise both their left arm and right arm
  • Left leg: Children raise their left arm, right arm and left leg
  • Right leg: Children raise their left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg
  • Turn Around: Children Turn in a circle while raising their left and right arms and legs
  • Penguin Sound: Repeat all the actions above while making a honking sound

Below is the video you can…

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