Holy Elizabethan Collar Batman!

Pop! Goes the World

Here is some pop culture fun for your Sunday. In searching the interwebs we have found some pretty interesting takes on both history and pop culture. One such thing was a series of photographs taken by french photographer Sacha Goldberger. Goldberger created photographs depicting our favorite modern superheroes in Elizabethan garb. This could be a fun way to grab students attention when discussing the culture of this period and displaying traditional Elizabethan clothing.


Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-7Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-8Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-13  Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-19Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-20Sacha-Goldberger-super-flemish-21

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