7 different ways to drill

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Drilling is essential for building pronunciation skills, so it’s often overlooked due to its uncommunicative nature, and the fact that it doesn’t “teach” anything new. In addition, drilling can be seen as quite mundane – after all, isn’t it just repeating the same language over and over again? To make drilling a little more exciting for teachers and students alike, here are seven ways to make drilling fun!

Deletion drill
A fantastic drill to practice dialogues and functional language:

  • Present your dialogue on the board (or slideshow, or other alternatives)
  • After the students have repeated the dialogue once as a whole class, gradually wipe off/cover up parts of the dialogue until students have completed it numerous times.
  • With each successful “round”, “delete” more of the dialogue, increasing the challenge for students.

Prompt drill
Good for practising grammar points. After presenting the point, the teacher will offer one-word “prompts”, which the…

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