Problem Solvers

This is what I try to help my students understand.

Second Grade Smarties

Math application problems, or word problems, provide us with the opportunity to apply math concepts in a real world context.  Often though, it can be challenging to solve word problems.  Throughout the year, we have been using the acronym CUBES to help us solve word problems.  The results have been amazing.  We introduced CUBES by modeling to the Smarties.  Then, we worked  using CUBES together.  Following the gradual release model, Smarties are now using CUBES to solve word problems independently.

C – Circle key numbers or writ them in standard form.

U – Underline the question.

B – Box any math action words.

E – Evaluate, or think about, what steps you should take.

S – Solve and check.

Take a look at one of the most recent application problem we solved using CUBES in math class.  Our goal is for our students to have a solid problem solving strategy…

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