Put Down the Stickers and Believe in Yourself


ljhahm-1Lori Hahm is a full-day kindergarten teacher at Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School and has been for the past ten years.  In this post, she offers insights garnered from many years of experience in helping children develop “response-ability.” Read more for great ideas!

Put Down the Stickers and Believe in Yourself: How to Create a Classroom Environment Free from Rewards and Punishment…Yes, You Can!

I love looking on Pinterest for new teaching ideas. As an experienced teacher (33 years now) I love the fact that I can type in any topic ranging from Abraham Lincoln, reading fluency, or the best iPad apps and find any amazing number of creative lesson plans and ideas.  Lately, I’ve also noticed the abundance of ideas for “behavior management” that involve colorful charts and clothespins, jars full of pom-poms, or certificates promising extra free time.

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These types of systems are popular with early childhood teachers because…

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