Teacher, is there such a thing as Canadian food?

Hard Day's Write

I love my job. I teach English to foreigners who have come to Canada to learn about our culture as well as the language. My students are very inquisitive, and there are a number of question that I have been asked on a regular basis for about 12 years.

Canada-question-e1362976276597I am comfortable fielding just about any questions my students ask me about Canada or Canadians, for example:

Is Canada just another USA?

Do you love Americans?

Is marijuana legal here?

Why does it rain so much in Vancouver?

Why does everyone in Canada have a dog?

Why are there so many homeless people here if your country is rich?

Who taught the homeless to read?

Do you love the queen?

Is it true that you have a gay street in Vancouver?

Where are all the “real” (white) Canadians?

What is Canadian food?

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