ESL and Kindergarten: Do’s and Don’ts

Hey Teacher Ella

When I started helping Teacher Bel in Raya School back in the Philippines, I was thrilled because I get to be a real teacher for 2-3 year olds even if it’s not a full time job. I was excited because it was new and challenging. Plus the children were cute and they give cuddles all the time!

Little did I know that kindergarten teaching would pave the way for my international career. In Thailand, my job was to teach 2-3 year olds the usual stuff: phonics, number recognition, letter recognition, etc. They did not have English as second language, in fact, they didn’t talk! This was a good-bad thing but I choose to consider the positive. I was teaching them English with the hope that they can use it practically in their toddler years. True enough, one of my kids with zero language when we started, got around to telling…

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