ESL Valentine’s Day Craft Printable – Heart Animals


Valentine’s Critter

This is the PDF for a printable Valentine’s Day kid’s craft that is based on the Valentine’s Day Card Creatures over at Made By Joel. I wanted students to be able to draw their own designs and write their own messages, but with standardized patterns so that the folding instructions would be completely consistent. (I’ve found that even *tiny* variations in instructions can be VERY confusing for ESL students and co-taught classes.) PLEASEvisit his page for additional patterns, pre-drawn samples, and folding/gluing instructions. This craft is suitable for Kindergarten or Elementary School classes, standard classes or ESL.

Basically, you cut on the black lines, fold on the grey lines.

The segments are:

Face (heart)
Neck (triangle)
Front Legs (front)
Front Legs (back)
Hind Legs (front)
Hind Legs (Back)

If you want to try using construction paper or making larger animals, this craft could also be created by cutting strips of paper or (strips…

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