Korean Pancakes or Jeon (Lunar New Year / Chuseok Food)

Modern Seoul

Korean Jeon Pancakes lunar new year

If there is one simple food dish that is ever present during before Korean Lunar New Year (Seolnal / 설날) and Korean Harvest Festival (Chuseok / 추석) it’s Jeon. Jeon, 전 or Korean Pancakes date back hundreds of years and come in various different ways. However they all are generally fried and covered in a thin batter. They make a nice snack when spending time with family and friends, and are also used as a side dish whilst drinking and enjoying the 3 day holiday.

This Korean Lunar New Year (2015) we made 3 different Korean Pancakes / Jeon. Firstly a skewered Kebab style Crab, Ham, Spring Onion and Mushroom Jeon. Then a pork mince circle surrounded by a ring of onion and finally a simple tuna patty jeon. All three were easy to prepare, make, tasty and cheap.

Happy Lunar New Year 2015.

Pictures of our Korean Pancakes…

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