Making Cents with Fractions

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In this blog post, I wanted to share another quick idea for teaching money and fractions. This is something I tried recently while teaching two students at different grade levels. J is 4th/5th grade and learning fractions while G is in 1st and learning how to count money. Having two students a different grade levels and different learning styles is a new experience for me, so I had to get creative.

Since cents are fractions of a dollar, I used the Fraction Fortress game along with some play money and combined them. It worked, and for the first time J understands why a quarter is called a quarter.

IMG_4319      IMG_4318

Fraction Fortress is also helpful for showing equivalent fractions like we did here.

Hope you find this helpful if you have someone struggling to get their head around these kinds of concepts. Feel free to leave a comment or two and…

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