Integrating video content in the EFL classroom with International Express – Part 2

Oxford University Press

Woman Using Video CameraRachel Appleby, writer of two levels of the new edition of International Express, takes us through several ready-made video activities designed to be used with International Express Pre-Intermediate Unit 10 – Selexyz bookstore, focusing on using ‘will’ to talk about the future, Zero Conditional, and 1st Conditional.

Before you watch

  1. Discussion in pairs

Before I play video in class, I find it useful to do plenty of lead-in activities to the topic. For example, you could start by giving students the following to discuss in pairs.

  1. Do you ever shop online? What do you buy?
  2. What are the benefits of shopping in real shops?
  3. Do you buy books or music online, or in shops?
  4. Do you think book and music shops will continue to exist in the future? Why? Why not?
  5. Describe your favourite bookshop. Explain why you like it.
  6. Check key vocabulary

Tell the students they are…

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