7 spontaneous vocabulary games

Inside TEFL

Today we have seven fantastic ideas for vocabulary games that will help your students practise new and old vocabulary. The best part is, they’re (almost) all material-free!

1. Picture Prompt Board Race

A fun, energetic and competitive way to practise the written form. Split your students into two teams, and split your board vertically in half. Have students line up, and give them a prompt – maybe a flashcard. The objective is for the student to write their word on the board – correctly! – first. You can award one point for doing it correctly, and a further bonus point if they were first.

2. Wordball™

Organise your class into a circle, and throw a ball (or any object you can find that won’t do significant damage) to an able student, and say a word or phase that you have covered. The student must then make a sentence using the…

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