A New Challenger Appears!

Don’t stare at it too long.

This week, my class doubled in size (from one student to two). My new student is a boy from China. His English level isn’t as good as his classmate’s but it’s something I can definitely work with. The real challenge is finding out what he has already learned.

I’m also a little worried about his ability to keep up with the curriculum. He enrolled a few weeks before midterms and it would be unfair to test him over what he hasn’t learned in my class. Even though I’ve taught for a while, I’m always thrown for a loop now and then.

Any ideas on how to handle this?


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9 responses to “A New Challenger Appears!

  1. Listen to him speak in English. Of course, you already know that! His reading skills may be higher than his speaking skills because his emotions of insecurity get in the way. Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement! Do you have lower level English language story books? And, most importantly of all, get your one student to help your newer student. He/she probably can explain something that you just can’t! My last ESL class included students from China who barely knew basic words of English and others who could write long essays with many, many adjectives and higher level language. Just take your time!

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  2. Give him an assessment, without him knowing. Get him to complete several activities and questions, and judge his English on the results.

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