To the Parents of My Students

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Dear Parents,

There are some things that I need you to know before entrusting me with your child for 10 months. The first thing is this: I will love your child. Wholly and always. I will love your child in a different way than the next, but they will have my heart. Always. Yes, I will be your child’s teacher, but I will also be their nurse, confidant, hairdresser, tailor, dentist, coach, peer mediator, party planner, etc. They will call me “Mom”, “Grandma”, or even “Dad”, and we will laugh. I will mend their boo-boos, fix their hair on picture day, teach them how to play organized sports, fix a wardrobe malfunction, and more! I will do all of these things gladly, so that you will not have to leave your job to come and do it. Sometimes, you will make a mistake. So will your child. And so will I. Let’s…

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