I FINE… THANK YOU… LOVE YOU – A good film for those who need confidence to learn English

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I Fine… Thank you… Love you is a Thai romantic comedy lasting around 117 minutes.

Gym, whose girlfriend Kaya has left him and come to the USA to work, strives to find out a way to win back her. To do this, it is a must for him to pass an upcoming job interview to work in the USA like Kaya.  However, English is a language that he barely knows, which leads to his having Pleng – a tutor of English teach him English in several months so that he can speak English and pass his job interview.

Being a maintaining engineer, in the learning process, there happens also some moments when Gym wants to stop his learning English. But tutor Pleng encourages him to start his studying with reading English stories for children. She also expands her knowledge of  engineering English vocabulary so as to figure the most suitable words…

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