What is the BEST CLASSROOM environment for ENGLISH LANGUAGE learners?

The FUTURE of Learning


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If you have traveled around the world, weather you are a student or a teacher, you will have been in a variety of classroom environments. Some are very different to others and some are more useful for creating language learner than others.

To learn a language you need the classroom to have these important features:

  1. A well-qualified teacher

This may seem a no brainer, but in fact there are many poor teachers teaching out there who may either be suffering from lack of interest in the subject to lack of professional development. All in all the end result will manifest itself in the students themselves. So a well-qualified and experienced teacher is the most important first step to a great environment.


  1. A teacher who instills confidence in the students

The teacher again, may know their subject well, but they also have to be supportive and…

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