It is almost a certainty that I will incur the wrath of pedagogues everywhere but I draw a distinction between teaching and education. You may very well ask, what has prompted this sudden and possibly paraniod claim? Quite simply, it was a game of solitaire.


Coffee. Caffeine and anti-oxidants in one! Nature's perfect breakfast food. Coffee. Caffeine and anti-oxidants in one! Nature’s perfect breakfast food. – image courtesy of dreamatico.com

Permit me to explain. Each morning, as I guzzle coffee; attempt to sweep away the fog of sleep; and assume a state suitable for human interaction;  I engage in a meaningless and mindless activity – I play solitaire. Being of a frugal nature, I play a version on my tablet which is free – assuming that there is no cost experienced by a regular barrage of advertisements between games.

After hitting the ‘Random Deal’ button for the umpteenth time (it was a REAL foggy morning inside my cranium) an…

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