A Long Awaited Sigh of Relief!

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Today I finished the last of grading exams and projects! It’s been a stressful, busy week!

My school had the international accreditation board come to see how our school is doing, and we still have some changes to make (though we’ve made some major progress since when they first came last fall). Along with that, the students had exams and projects to turn in.

My students turned in their science project boards today!

2015-03-26 13.04.58 2015-03-26 13.05.15

I was impressed with what they did in a week or so of work. This was their first time making something like this! One of my students did a project on why shadows lengthen and shorten over time; the other student did a project on mixing colors of light.

Tomorrow we have a field trip to the Seoul Children’s Museum with the elementary students! Next week is our spring break, but we are spending the first three days doing volunteer projects with the middle and high school students (teachers included). It will be interesting and perhaps fun for the students to work on these projects.

I hope to share some stories from the volunteer projects once those are all finished and things settle down a bit. Until then, have a good spring holiday (if you have one) and enjoy the wonderful weather!



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2 responses to “A Long Awaited Sigh of Relief!

  1. Patricia Dorsey

    Share your stories about what happens next week. I look forward to learning from you.

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