Call and Response Signals

The Comprehensible Classroom

Thank you to everyone on Twitter, Facebook, and email that helped me to compile this list! I shared it at a workshop that I gave in sunny Southern CA on Saturday, and I hope that all of y’all will get lots of use out of it! I traditionally get my students’ attention with this Call and Response sequence:

Teacher: “A-B-C”

Students: “CH-CH-CH”

Teacher: “Español”

Students: “¡Olé!”

…at which point my students are looking at me with closed mouths and pleading eyes, waiting with great anticipation to hear the next word that will leave my lips. Well, at least that is what they are supposed to be doing.

I love to keep class exciting by switching up the call and response signal that we use, although I must admit that it is not easy for me since I am a creature of habit. I introduce a new call and response signal, and then I…

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