Interactive ELL Learning in the USA

I found an interesting article published last Thursday, March 26th, on the Education News website. Middlebury Interactive Languages and Fuel Education have teamed up to create a digital curriculum for ELL students.

According to the article:

Middlebury Interactive Languages’ new program focuses on three key frameworks of ELL education, digital curriculum for students, teacher professional development, and summer ELL academies for student college preparation… The program co-launched by Middlebury Interactive and Fuel Ed is tailored to each learner’s grade and learning needs and can be implemented irrespective of the student’s language background.

It’s exciting and beneficial to read about what other programs and institutions are doing to help EFL/ELL students learn English more easily. As more and more children are learning English along with their native language, there needs to be a program that allows them to successfully develop their second-language skills, and integrate into a mainstream classroom later on.

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