Learning Korean: Useful Resources

In Lallyland

I have never been a language person. At secondary school, I was a complete geek and pretty much got off on completing pages of exercises and writing essays, but I always struggled with my foreign language classes. Unfortunately for me, my school specialised in languages and I was forced to take French, German and Latin for 5 years. Let’s just say my German ends at Ich habe eine Schwester.

When I left high school to study computer science, I was fairly confident that I wouldn’t have to learn another language ever again.

Skip to the end…7 years later I found myself moving to Peru to teach English.

In Peru, everyone speaks Castillano, which is a fancy way of saying Spanish. I took some classes before leaving and continued once I was out there, but to my great surprise, I wasn’t as rubbish as I’d expected to be.

Out of all…

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