Mainstream Teachers and TESOL standards

Becoming a Teacher Leader

If you currently teach Els and do not have a copy of the TESOL language proficiency standards please go here to get your copy:

This quote comes from the TESOL article I posted here:

“All teachers must know the TESOL P–12 Professional Teaching Standards (TESOL, 2010), and they must also be able to apply that knowledge in the classroom. Furthermore, teachers must have a desire to work with ELs and support them in their efforts to achieve. Teachers must also design their instruction for ELs around CCSS standards that outline the rigorous content for which students are responsible. In addition, teachers must determine the academic ELs need to acquire at each stage of English language proficiency so that students can access that content. All teachers of ELs must also share responsibility for ensuring that ELs are prepared for CCSS as well as ELP/ ELD assessments.” (p. 3)

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