Engage ELLs With These 17 Books of Poetry This April

I love books and I encourage my students to develop a love for reading, too! These books are great for ELLs. They offer a wide variety of writing styles, fun illustrations, appropriate vocabulary and content, and a little challenging to push the students.

Adams Book Company

April is National Poetry Month, and poetry is a great tool for teaching English Language Learners. As a form that intentionally slows down in order to explore language, poetry provides a context appropriate for many levels of readers to learn phonics, structure, and oral fluency. Also, blended language, especially Spanish and English, is a favorite device of many poets, offering ELLs familiar vocabulary and a different level of interest. In the book list below, there are not only poetry collections, but also evocative novels in verse addressing the immigrant experience or culture relevant to ELLs.

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April 9, 2015 · 3:45 pm

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