7 Signs a Teacher Knows It’s Spring

We Are Teachers has a humorous (and relevant) article about spring. Teachers know spring is a tough time of year with all the testing, stress from preparing through winter break, and finishing up things by the end of May/June. Click on the link and read.

My favorite numbers on the list are numbers 2 (simple tasks are too hard), 4 (“Why not?” is the go-to answer), and 6 (Re-adjust grading methods). Number 3 (long days, short weeks) seems especially true for me.

If I could add one more sign, I’d add one about knowing when a full moon is by the behavior of your students.


Which numbers are your favorites? What would you add?


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4 responses to “7 Signs a Teacher Knows It’s Spring

  1. Patricia Dorsey

    The links don’t work. Is it possible for you to fix this, my friend? I’d love to re-blog this. Thanks.

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