Technologies that Facilitate Assessment

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Image result for kids and technology in the classroom Incorporating technology with instruction and assessment has many benefits for English language learners.  While it may seem overwhelming to implement a new technology within your classroom, it really can make teaching easier.  Technology can motivate students in amazing ways, and it pushes all students to apply content learning through real-world tasks. Plus,… it’s so fun!  Check out the great ideas below from Laura Ballard and the Center for Teaching & Learning. Then read the full article and access the referenced links here.

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  • Blog tools – a blog is a web journal.  Users post entries (they can be personal reflections, answers to questions prompts, reviews, etc.).  With comments enabled, blogs can facilitate discussion.  Check out the Technology Tuesdays page on blogs for more information.
  • Website development – can be different than a wiki, as it doesn’t have to be collaborative! See this Technology Tuesdays page for more…

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