Students Learn More Than Just Academics in School.

I have always held the opinion that teachers not only teach students academic knowledge, but also social skills and life skills. Early childhood and elementary teachers, like myself, help students learn the basics of socializing with others. We teach basic manners, how to talk to friends and strangers, how to eat properly, what to do when there is a problem… these skills are just as important for children to learn as math, science, and English skills.

I found a few excellent videos on YouTube posted by the Center for Collaborative Classroom.

There is even a short video about teaching social skills in middle school.

It’s important for children to develop the skills needed for interaction with others as they continue to grow and learn. These days I have read a lot about how many children are bullied, or become withdrawn, or lack general social awareness. I wonder how other educators and adults handle these students, and what can be done to help children become more independent, self-confident, and successful both inside and outside the classroom?

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