Can You Become Fluent Through Duolingo?

This is a great and FREE app for language learners!

english expressions

Duolingo is an excellent app for those wanting to begin to learn a language. Although it doesn’t give you all the proper tools needed to learn a language – as I will mention later on – it’s still a great language tool to get you started.

Duolingo_logoDuolingo is not only a free app (yes!) but, it’s also very simple to use. It takes you through the app and gives you step by step instructions that are very easy to understand. Throughout each lesson, you are given a category to learn about – animals, food, phrases, colours, time, etc. You will then go through a variety of activities, including:

  • Translating spoken and written text into English
  • Identify the English meaning of a vocabulary word
  • Identify new vocabulary words
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Identify all the correct translations of a phrase

The app gets progressively harder as you go on. You can also go back…

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