We can’t all be right all the time – why a little bit of online conflict is a good thing

This is a great piece to read! It’s hard to be wrong, but it’s more respectable than refusing to do so. Disagreement brings discussion and forward movement.

Teaching the Teacher

Early in my career I had a team leader who had a reputation for being highly critical. Other teachers thought this teacher was hard to work with. My team leader could harpoon an idea at any meeting big or small with a simple question:

“Have you thought about…”

It was a highly effective strategy.

I still think ‘what would my ex-team leader say’ when I’m doing something new for the first time. The truth is I learned more from having someone pushing my ideas back than I did from having people tell me what a wonderful job I was doing.

I learned barriers aren’t there to stop you implementing new ideas, they are to stop you implementing bad ones.

Simply put my old team leader taught me how to turn crazy ideas into reality.

At TeachMeet Singapore @robnewberry floated an idea that twitter has become too much of an echo chamber…

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