Resources for age six and seven year old English language learners

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If you would like to follow a totally structured curriculum for the age group of 6-7 year olds, then use these stories with lesson plans, worksheets and board games.  Click here!

It’s always a good idea to send some worksheets home with the children so parents can see what you are covering in class, they like to feel involved.  This particular set of stories prepares children specifically for the first level of Cambridge English tests.  That said the topics are standard to all examination boards.  The first set includes: talking about yourself, name, age, what you like, where you live, hair type, colours, animals, food, places, school and sports.

The stories with worksheets and board games are here if you want them.  These are specifically for age 6 and up and follow the curriculum set out for the European A1 level (CEFR). Click here. It also reassures parents if you tell…

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